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4 days yoga boost

Align to summer with Suman & Natalie.

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Welcome to 4 days yoga boost. The goal is for you to learn the great techniques of yoga to implement in your DAILY life. 3- PARTS of EXERCISE So you can take care of your body, mind & energy with the wisdom of yoga with asana~posture, dhyana~meditation, pranayama~life energy exercise. ALINGING to SUMMER We are running a yoga boost week so you can get it into your body pattern, repeating makes the body remember better than doing it only once.By sharing this class online we have the opportunity to give you this unique calibration. Suman is currently in Chile and Nathalie in Norway. You can attend wherever it suits you, in the garden, in the cabin or in your living room. Online yoga gives you the freedom. Monday 18.00-19.00. Nathalie: focus on upper body exercises. Massage techniques. Suman: Energy Protective Technique Chakra-Nadi-Kundalini Practice Method: Sitting in silence and channelling the energy collected in the palms to cleanse and protect the 7 chakras and 7 aura. Tuesday. 18.00-19.00. Nathalie: guided meditation. Norwegian mountain Experience. Suman: Body~Asana~Posture program 6 postures. Opening the lungs for complete breathing & Natural breathing. Wednesday 18.00 - 19.00 Repetition of Yogi Sumans monday and tuesday teaching. Nathalie taches the class. Thursday 18.00 - 19.00. Nathalie: Yin yoga to soften the body before meditation. Suman: Mind~SenseOrgans~Meditation program Practice Method: Meditation with Sitting Positions and how sense organs are connected to breathing. We're looking forward to seeing you on the mat. You are invited to join over weekend online retreat.



Odins gate, Oslo, Norway